Outdoor Camping Stoves

Outdoor Camping Stoves
If you have ever been backing you know that one of the most important pieces of planning your backpacking trip will be to plan how you will be eating and preparing your food. Food and water can be one of the most cumbersome and weight intensive items you must bring on any backpacking trip. Food and supplies is also one of the only pieces of gear that increases the longer you will be gone. You only need one tent. You only need one sleeping bag, pair of boots, rain jacket, pair of sunglasses, or backback. But, your food supply will increase for every day that you plan to be on the trail. As you plan your trip there are a few decisions you can make regarding how you will cook your food. Once you decide how your food will be cooked it will be a lot easier to determine how much food and what types of food you will need to actually bring.

You have the option to cook your food over an outdoor camping fire. This is the old fashioned method however, many people still prefer to use this method as it feels the most natural and there is a certain sense of familiarity that comes with cooking using the old camping fire. You could also try to use a dakota fire hole which is where you dig a hole in the ground, dig out an air hole, and actually build your camp fire inside your hole in the ground. This is a great option because you can control it very well from the elements and also you can cover your tracks and be non invasive

The other option for cooking your food while backpacking is using outdoor camping stoves. There are hundreds of different options but the most popular are to use flex fuel and to use propane stoves. The best outdoor camping stoves are the lightest and most efficient stoves. A light stove is no good if you have to carry so much fuel with you that it completely negates the light weight stove itself. The propane stove normally has the heaviest stoves and also the heaviest fuel. The flex fuel stoves are intended for backpacking. They are lightweight and come with extremely light weight fuel options. If you are looking for true efficiency in outdoor camping stoves then you should consider the flex fuel options. They may be a little more expensive but the savings in weight and the increased efficiency make them the absolute best option.

(http://www.outdoorcampingstoves.com) Outdoor camping stoves are a wonderful way to cook over a convenient and consistent flame while in a remote outdoor area.

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Glamping Over Camping

Glamping Over Camping

Glamping (glamour camping) is a new holiday craze in the UK which is sweeping the nation. For those who are unsure of the origins or details of a glamping trip then this article will prove useful to see if it is the right holiday idea for you.

The thought of bugs, wild animals, leaking tents, cold, windy nights and the rain battering down centimetres from your head doesn’t appeal to everyone. Sharing a shower (if you’re lucky!) and a hole in the floor being the toilet is not everyone’s cup of tea. Camping is certainly not the ideal getaway for most people, for a number of people their first camping trip is normally their last. Many people like the thought of the idea but aren’t brave enough to chance it with the unpredictable elements. If this is you, then you may be pleased to hear that camping is evolving, in the shape of glamping.

Glamour camping provides a cheaper alternative for people seeking a break at a time when many people are making cut backs on their expenses. Glamping offers a holiday that is far cheaper and without the fuss or cost of travelling abroad. It can be enjoyed by all sorts of groups such as families who have young children and don’t want to take them abroad, friends who want a fun packed weekend away or couples wanting a romantic getaway.

It is thought that glamping began at music festivals in the UK. Festival goers were disillusioned with ridiculously early start times to pitch their tents. Companies began offering luxury accommodation- for a festival at least- and would drop it off for you before building it. Another benefit of doing this at festivals was that Glamping saved you making a number of trips to and from the car with a heavy load on your back.
Glamping Holiday lets aren’t confined to festivals. Glamping has now expanded from festivals, with specific glamping sites popping up around the country each month. One of the wonders of glamping is the variety of accommodation you can find yourself staying in. They can be literally anything, such as a converted VW camper van, a tipi, a yurt, bell tents and huts, amongst many others.

There are many reasons why you should try glamping. The advantages of the glamping experience allows for people to be closer to the countryside and nature, unlike many hotels. And, unlike a lot of other camping opportunities, electricity is available in most of the accommodation so you don’t feel like you’re a cave man living in the Stone Age. Depending on your needs, you can enjoy your own toilet, shower and cooking facilities.

Holiday Lets are expecting glamping to really take off in the near future. Lots of people have travelled the world and stayed in luxury hotels, but not many have been glamping and stayed in a converted gypsy caravan! If this sounds like fun to you and you want a unique camping experience, give it a chance for a holiday to remember!

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Wilpena Pound Resort Camping

Wilpena Pound Resort Camping

For many who find enjoyment in outdoor camping or merely seeking to find the best base for one to explore easily Flinders Ranges in South Australian state, you’ll certainly have the best experience here.

Wilpena Resort Campground, before everything else, has with them caravan park features. Here, you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to stay isolated or you wish to socialize with other campers. You do have a choice here unlike other campsites. The location in addition has powered sites that includes plugs for ones comfort. The electricity that is running through the area is made locally using solar energy and generators. Electricity has been around for sometime now due to the resort’s high demand.

If you have generators at hand, camping sites situated in the bushes are present in the vicinity. Here, you must decide where you could squat and spend the night time in a private spot. More campers will come when it is peak period. The chosen spot will obviously depend upon your need to see a comfort room as well as the showers. You’ll be able to walk or maybe a brief drive will do.

Altogether, the venue has 3 toilets and 3 shower block to the guest of various ages. A new shower for disabled person is now operational. You can also do your laundry within the area using a coin operated laundry machine.

The campground is incredibly rich of old gums and native pines, additionally, management are intending to reconstruct the spot where damages from overuse exist. Wilpena Creek’s magnificence is flowing on the campground encompassed by tall old gums. The creek is an excellent source of water for campers all season long, but the drought which was experienced in the area has a sure effects on it.

If you find some Kangaroos and emus roaming on your campsite, you can not feed them. Keep this in mind if you do not plan to be harassed by these animals. Also, human foods aren’t proper on their behalf. Different types of birds are as well abundant in the region. To see nature more, walk down the creek and just enjoy nature at its best.

Photo junkies sees the majestic mountains, that are standing tall on the campground, delightful. Morning light will show the glow at the mountain then when evening comes witness the tones and shadows the mountain creates.

The campground is where you should start if you choose to walk the trails nearby. Adventures on the ground vary with regards to the volume of interest which you want. First, you have to know what you will face in your adventure, and know the information on it. A bus is also available that may take you on to the pound.

After a long, exciting, and tiring day in your community, a great Wilpena Pound accommodation will come in handy. A nice spot to rest, delicious foods and possibly some wines will help you experience the place more.

For additional Wilpena Pound Accommodation, visit some websites and proceed reading some reviews and particulars about the place. You could also find other campsites that you could choose to get the best Wilpena Pound camping experience.

Clinton Bernat writes articles for Book Accommodation Online. He is currently writing articles for Wilpena Pound Resort Camping. You can read more about Flinders Ranges Accommodation on the website.

Start your own camping

Start your own camping

Because of the terrible recent fiscal climate many persons have been sacked from their job due to no fault of their own…simply a set of ruinous circumstances…they are now scratching their heads philosophizing where now? In the back of their brain they have been thinking – “should I set up my own camping business?” Except where do you go for information like that?

Having your own venture means you are no longer the one who takes the commands (or shouldn’t be); by all means be a first-class boss take note of your workers (if you have any), pay attention to their suggestions and think about the information they give to you. Now it is your appointment as the boss to collate this data and put plans into action…”failing to plan is planning to fail.”

The truth about running your own camping business isn’t that you will be chasing the mighty dollar but that you might obtain the life you have for ever and a day sought after. Of course, the cash is critical; but to construct the business that creates the life you really would like is a splendid reward. Personal independent status runs genuine money close to being the chief component to becoming their own boss. Most triumphant camping businesses are operated by those that don’t worry in relation to how profitable they are as long as they don’t have to labor for others.

However having lots of money in the bank is a relief.

For your own self respect; envisage the feeling you have compared to being in a unremarkable job or no job at all. It is a lot unproblematic to get out of bed at sunup knowing you are constructing a business for yourself and your relatives; your not doing it for your boss – who you might not even be fond of.

Citizens have different reasons for becoming an industrialist – we are not the same; and as such you will undoubtedly aim to do things in a better way than you have seen exhibited by other bosses in previous jobs you have had.

Distinguished camping businesses are designed that way by people just like you. They thrive because they plan to be triumphant, they take the time to bring about how they want their business to be; they prepare it that way and take significant pleasure as their business and their life starts to go with their dreams.

Open your camping business today!

Paul Stanton Interested in beginning your own camping business? You need a camping business plan

Camping For Everyone

Camping For Everyone
Are you engaged in choosing a camping holiday? Either you are interested in going camping alone, with your family, with your lover, or with some of your friends, you will want to find a camping ground to camp at. While many individuals just select to go camping at the closest camping ground, you may want to consider not doing the same. In the United States of America and possible even close to your place, you should expect a number of different camping grounds to choose from. So, why not just take the time to make sure that you choose the best one for you and your needs.

One of the many matters that you will require to consider, when looking for a camping ground to camp at, is the cost of doing so. In the US, you will detect that many camping areas want the payment of an admission fee or a camping price and occasionally even bothboth of them. The cost of the admission fee or camping fee will all depend from one campground to another. For instance, numerous smaller camping areas charge small fees. As Well, you will likely determine larger fees for campgrounds that have numerous onsite activities.

Speaking of onsite activities of a campground, you may want to have a look at the scenery. If a camping area has on onsite lake or pond then there may be implicated several activities like : swimming, boating, and fishing which are pleasant activities. Camping grounds are also many times home to biking trails, play spaces for kids, and others.

You may want to think about taking the time to study a number of many camping area parks. It is important that you keep in mind that no two camping ground parks are the same. To ensure that your incoming camping trip is as unforgettable as possible, you may wish to be certain that your desired destination is flawless for you and the rest of your camping party.

Also one thing, before you start your camping trip you should before consider a camping checklist. Either you read a complete camping checklist or a camping checklist essentials only it doesn’t matter. Just don’t forget to find one.

Outdoor Camping Stoves

Outdoor Camping Stoves
When you enjoy camping you will know that there are essential pieces of camping equipment that you will need to purchase. You will need to ensure that you have some form of cooking whilst camping and buying the correct outdoor camping stove is very important. Camping stoves come in many different styles, shapes, sizes and designs and you will need to consider what you need and how big the stove should be before you rush out and buy one. They can be quite expensive so you will need to ensure that you buy the correct stove the first time.

Everyone is tempted to buy the biggest camping stove they can find and although you may think you need a huge one smaller stoves will be better. Outdoor camping stoves can be quite heavy so you want one that you can carry easily and transport without any problems. You also have to consider also where you will store it at home when it is not being used. Smaller stoves can be stored easily until you need it the next time. You can find them in an ideal size that will suit your needs and be able to cook for everyone very easily.

You will also need to consider the type of fuel you will need for your outdoor camping stoves and decide if you can transport the fuel safely when you go camping. You also need to ensure that you can find it in the stores so that you can buy it without any problems. You will have to choose between kerosene, gas and butane and although there is choices butane is the most used. It gives the most heat from your stoves and is better for the environment than other options.

Deciding how many burners you want on your outdoor camping stoves will often determine how large the camping stoves will be. If there is a large group of you going then more burners will be advised on your outdoor camping stoves. The more burners you have the more meals you can cook at once and this will be more effective for your camping trip. If you are staying in one place then larger stoves are ideal. If you are hiking or moving then you should buy several smaller ones to make it easier to transport them.

You need to consider your budget when looking for camping stoves although there are cheaper alternatives you does get what you pay for and cheaper alternatives will break and need replacing often. If you spend more on the outdoor camping stoves then they will last longer and be more durable you will be able to use them year after year and know that they can withstand all the cooking you will require it to do. You should choose stoves that are easy to clean and easy to maintain as you will be limited to the cleaning materials when you are camping. Once you have bought your camping stove then you will be able to enjoy great camping trips with your friends and family.

BestDealsonTents.com offers high quality, affordable outdoor camping stoves that are perfect for you.

Outdoor Camping Tents

Outdoor Camping Tents
There are many different types of outdoor camping tents on the market today. With so many options, a novice camper may not know which one would be best for their situation. Most of the packaging that camping tents come in just state the material, dimensions, and the number of people the item will sleep. They may not have any information about their specifics and when they would be best used. Below are the most common types of tents available.

A-Frame Tents

Frame tents are the classic type that most camping tents on the market come in. Depending on their dimensions, they may hold anywhere from 2 to 6 people. They may good tents for families and those that are not used to camping due to the simplicity of putting them together and taking them back apart. The frame is made of sturdy poles that usually just snap together. The included material is draped across the poles and secured with pegs to create the tent.

Dome Tents

Dome tents seem to be gaining popularity as the choice camping tents for many of those that camp in numbers. Many of these dome shaped tents came hold six to eight people, though there are smaller ones available. The shape of the tent allows you a higher roof when inside the tent, but most tend to have smaller floor areas than regular frame tents. This helps people be able to move around better when inside the tent. Their special shape makes them well resistant to wind. The materials used to make dome tents are lightweight, making them easier to transport when hiking than other outdoor camping tents of the same size.

Cabin Tents

Cabin tents are made with a durable material that will make them last for a long time. They are very large in nature, as the tend to be big enough for you to park a vehicle in if you wanted to. These are beneficial for when you are camping with a large number of people. They also work well for parties where the guests may need to be shielded from the rain or cold weather. They may be a bit difficult to put up due to their size, but if you have enough people, the job should not be too hard.

As you can see, there are many outdoor camping tents that people can choose from when buying camping supplies. The choice you make for your tent should be based on your needs of space, number of people they can accommodate, warmth, and how lightweight the materials are. Price, durability, and easy of putting together should also be considered. Understanding what each type of camping tent will offer will help you to purchase the right one for your trip.

BestDealsonTents.com offers high quality, affordable outdoor camping tents that are perfect for you.

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Cheap Outdoor Camping Gear

Cheap Outdoor Camping Gear
While out camping, finances should be the least of our worries. After all, many of us like to go camping in order to escape from the daily hustles of life. It is therefore necessary to obtain quality cheap camping gear as we go out camping to keep our minds settled. This strategy allows you the peace of mind required to enjoy the vacation.

Outdoor camping gear involves several pieces of equipment, each with its unique purpose. In order to have a comfortable time while out camping, one has to carry various important items. First on the list is a camping tent. These come in various sizes depending on the number of people involved. The second Outdoor Camping Gear that comes in handy is a sleeping bag. It tends to get quite chilly at night and the sleeping bag will enable you to enjoy your sleep just like you do at home. Camp cooking apparatus also comes in handy, unless you want to do it the jungle way. Other items such as furniture, flashlights, machetes and backpacks are ideal outdoor camping gear that one will require in order to have a good time out camping.

When one is planning to go camping, it is advisable to shop around comparing prices in order to get cheap camping gear. There are many outlets offering outdoor camping gear. These can also be obtained online. It is therefore important for one to take time while window shopping so as to get a fair price. Quality should be put kept in mind while you are at it. Do not compromise on the quality of outdoor camping gear just to get a good price. It is important to purchase equipment or acquire cheap camping gear that will keep you comfortable while you are out in the bush.

Many companies selling outdoor camping gear offer a 30 day money back guarantee in the event that you are unsatisfied with their products. This gives you a window of ensuring the product you purchased is of high quality. You can also have the camping gear shipped to you. This reduces the hustle required to transport the equipment to your home on your own.

While shopping for outdoor camping gear, keep quality in mind but ensure that you do not get ripped off; cheap camping gear does not necessarily mean poor quality. Whether you are looking for a tent or a sleeping bag, be sure to obtain the right item at the right price. This way, you and your wallet will be sure to enjoy your camping trip.

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Camping Tour in Indochina

Camping Tour in Indochina

It is impossible to get closer to any land than by camping and to reach some places, it can be the only choice. Especially to visit the natural beauty of much of Indochina, camping is the ideal accommodation choice. Get away from the crowds and the city streets and explore the countryside to see life being lived as it has for millennia.

Despite its troubled history and recent poverty, Indochina has an excellent record of preservation of its natural assets and there are many National Parks and Designated Protection Zones most of which offer camping, providing visitors with an environmentally friendly choice of travel.

For example, Vietnam’s Bach Ma National Park was first protected in 1937, and was established as a national park in 1986. The park is a spectacular mix of granite mountains, rivers and waterfalls. The park is also a protected home to a variety of bird species including some very rare examples. Visitors are welcome to camp here and explore the jungle trails to see the natural beauty of the forests. The park is in central Vietnam, near the city of Hué, the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam.

Alternatively, in the North of Vietnam, on the border with China, lies Mount Fansipan. The area around the mountain, Vietnam’s highest, is home to many of Vietnam’s minority peoples and it is possible to visit their villages and even share a meal. The area also shows the influence of the French on Vietnam with many French style buildings in Sapa, the town which was a French military outpost.

Halong, in north-western Vietnam, is probably the most beautiful part of the whole of Indochina. Thousands of islands and limestone pillars rise from a perfect turquoise sea creating a magical scene. It is possible to camp here and explore the villages of the local fishermen and visit their stilt houses – and, of course, eat the delicious seafood which they catch! Quan Lan Bay is but one of the recommended camping sites in Halong.

Cambodia’s top attraction is the unforgettable Angkor Historical Park in Siem Reap. It is possible to park here, but the more adventurous may also like to explore some of the ancient temple ruins from the same historical period and earlier which are scattered across the whole of Cambodia. For many of these, there is no other way to go than by camping, but this gives access to typical Khmer villages and rural life that few tourists are able to see.
Laos, too, has a number of National Parks and protected areas which are open to camping. One such is Nam Ha Protected Area. Here you can explore the mountains and forests and learn about the local flora and fauna. This is an area which serves as home to the Khamu minority among others and, with these hospitable people as hosts, you can gather wild herbs and vegetables and cook a traditional meal over an open fire. Tad Leuk, near Vientiane is another area worth exploring – centred on a waterfall, the surrounding area is ideal for nature lovers. Nature trails have been laid out and there is a Visitor Information Centre explaining all the animals and vegetation to be found in the park.

Thailand has 76 National Parks and almost all allow camping. In the north, near Chiang Mai, is Doi Inthanon National Park. This park is ideal for exploring on foot and gives spectacular views of the mountain area. Again there is a visitors’ centre near the entrance which gives information about the park and its flora and fauna. It also gives the park rules which are strictly enforced – no picking the wild orchids, for example.

Further south, Thailand’s famous, beautiful islands are perfect for camping. The choice is almost endless and depends on each visitor’s preference – a totally empty island with no facilities or fully serviced camping? These and everything in between are available.

These are just a few of the many possibilities for camping in Indochina – a spellbinding area of outstanding beauty.

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Camping With Your Dog

Camping With Your Dog
Highlights of Going Camping with Your Dog

Going camping with your dog is a good idea, especially with the right amount of preparation. Camping with your dog can greatly improve the bond between you and your pet. When you camp with your dog, the attention you pay to its traits are heightened, and you will start seeing traits that youve never noticed before. Your dog will also benefit from a camping experience. It is your pets chance to get outside, roam around, and be exposed to its natural habitat: the outdoors.

Preparing to Camp with Your Dog

When you are about to take your dog camping, there are some things that you need to do to prepare for the experience. Your decisions can be greatly affected by your dogs behaviors. You cant just take your dog to an area where aggression or fear can be triggered. That is no way to go camping with your dog. You should go camping where your dog will be comfortable. In case there are situations that you cannot control, just make sure that you know your dog enough to be able to comfort it. But if you have to be ready for your dogs behavior, your dogs behavior should also be taken into account to determine whether your dog is ready or able to go camping with you. Does your dog obey you? Does it listen to your commands? If you think that your dog wont be easy to deal with outdoors, taking him to go camping can be pretty dangerous. And even more so, especially with the vareity of diseases it can pick up just about anywhere in the wild. But this does not mean that you cant take your dog camping. You still can, as long as you visit your veterinarian before going and make sure that your dog receives all the necessary vaccinations to keep him protected from diseases.

Jumpstart Your Dogs Camping Experience

Some dogs may not be too keen on camping because it takes them away from their immediate environment, and takes them someplace foreign. To some dogs, this is enjoyable, and they will start roaming and running around soon. Some dogs, however, may take some time to adjust. Negative reactions to a change in environment can be expected in some dogs, especially those that are kept inside at all times. To take your dog camping, you have to start with training it to be comfortable outdoors. You can do this by taking it on short trips first, so that your dog will be exposed to different environments and will warm up to the idea of leaving the house. When your dog gets used to it, you can start taking him on longer trips, and full-blown camping trips. You can also practice camping at home by setting up a small tent and training your dog to stay inside or sleep inside it.

What You Need to Bring

Here are some things that might come in handy during your camping trip. Dont forget to bring a lot of food not only for you, but also for your dog. It is also important that you bring along a first aid kit, which includes ointments or medications for your dog. Also, dont forget to bring a leash to keep your dog from straying too far and getting lost. Just in case it gets lost, a dog tag or a microchip will definitely help bring it back to you. With the right preparations, you and your dog will definitely have a great time on your camping trip.

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