Outdoor Camping Stoves

Outdoor Camping Stoves
If you have ever been backing you know that one of the most important pieces of planning your backpacking trip will be to plan how you will be eating and preparing your food. Food and water can be one of the most cumbersome and weight intensive items you must bring on any backpacking trip. Food and supplies is also one of the only pieces of gear that increases the longer you will be gone. You only need one tent. You only need one sleeping bag, pair of boots, rain jacket, pair of sunglasses, or backback. But, your food supply will increase for every day that you plan to be on the trail. As you plan your trip there are a few decisions you can make regarding how you will cook your food. Once you decide how your food will be cooked it will be a lot easier to determine how much food and what types of food you will need to actually bring.

You have the option to cook your food over an outdoor camping fire. This is the old fashioned method however, many people still prefer to use this method as it feels the most natural and there is a certain sense of familiarity that comes with cooking using the old camping fire. You could also try to use a dakota fire hole which is where you dig a hole in the ground, dig out an air hole, and actually build your camp fire inside your hole in the ground. This is a great option because you can control it very well from the elements and also you can cover your tracks and be non invasive

The other option for cooking your food while backpacking is using outdoor camping stoves. There are hundreds of different options but the most popular are to use flex fuel and to use propane stoves. The best outdoor camping stoves are the lightest and most efficient stoves. A light stove is no good if you have to carry so much fuel with you that it completely negates the light weight stove itself. The propane stove normally has the heaviest stoves and also the heaviest fuel. The flex fuel stoves are intended for backpacking. They are lightweight and come with extremely light weight fuel options. If you are looking for true efficiency in outdoor camping stoves then you should consider the flex fuel options. They may be a little more expensive but the savings in weight and the increased efficiency make them the absolute best option.

(http://www.outdoorcampingstoves.com) Outdoor camping stoves are a wonderful way to cook over a convenient and consistent flame while in a remote outdoor area.

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