Newsreader Mark Austin reveals his daughter almost died from anorexia

Newsreader Mark Austin features slammed the NHS psychological state system while he unveiled their girl practically died from serious anorexia and depression. Mr Austin, which provides the ITV Evening News, labeled as regarding federal government to blow more money on psychological state attention …
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Camping Made Easy

Camping Made Easy

Summer is here, or so it seems. Summer means something different to everyone. I love summer for all of the camping opportunities that it offers.

I get really excited just thinking about being outdoors for days on end with family and friends, playing games hiking or just sitting around the campfire talking. Some of my most cherished memories are of my family camping when I was small. You will make memories that you will never forget. Before the fun can begin you will need to prepare for your outing. You will have to choose what type of camping you want to do.

There are many different types of camping. From a camping RV park with a camp host running water and flush toilets and hot showers, to the deep woods off the beaten path camping under the stars. If you are just start out and this is your first time camping I suggest option number one. You will find it more relaxing camping at a park with host at first. You will forget something and it is much less hassle to just stroll over and ask the camp host where you may get the item that you swore you packed but just can’t find right now. The best way to prepare for camping is to start a list of basic items you will need, here is my basic list for beginners:

1. Tent
2. Sleeping Bags
3. Bug Spray
4. Warm and Cool Clothing
5. Sun Screen
6. Flashlight
7. Rain gear
8. Matches
9. First Aid Kit
10. Food
11. Toilet Paper (trust me on that one)

One main section of your list should be about shelter. For people who prefer roughing it a bit, this will include a tent of some type. There are hundreds of tents to fit everyone’s needs, from giant multi-room tents to little tiny one man tents. The next important thing you will need to consider is your bedding or sleeping bags. the type of sleeping bag you choose can be the difference between having a good camping trip or an awful one.

Make sure that it has the proper temp rating for the weather conditions that you will be camping in. There is nothing worse than being to hot or to cold while you try to sleep. To make the best choices for your needs speak to the sales person at your local sporting goods store and you should walk out ready to try your hand at camping.

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Camping Clean Tips

Camping Clean Tips

Going camping is a good way to discover the beaty of nature. Therefore it is rather disappointing if you walk up to campsite which is covered with litter. Respecting your fellow campers and the nature around you is very significant. Below are some tips which help you clean camp before leaving your campsite.

When you arrive you campsite inspect it. Hopefully the campers before you left it in a clean condition. If not be respectful and tidy it up before you set up your campsite. The goal is to leave no trace behind. You need to look out for the little things you may miss, such as bottle caps, wrappers, and cigarette butts. These little items can easily be overlooked.


If you’re going to be camping for a long while it may be necessary to do dishes. The old dishwater is a pollutant and should not be dumped into a freshwater stream or lake. Be sure to use a biodegradable soap. Most campgrounds will have an area to dump old dishwater. If you’re camping in the back country away from any facilities be sure not to contaminate the freshwater.


The ashes from your fire must be disposed of properly as well. This is a very important part of camping clean. A fire may seem to be completely out but a strong breeze may blow hot ash into the forest. Dispose of the ash either in the campfire ring or bag them up and dispose of them in the trash when you are able.


If the campsite you’re staying at has a shower facility be courteous and leave the shower in good condition.


After you’ve packed everything take a garbage bag and do a final walk around your camp. Pick up anything you see whether it’s yours or not. Make a circle just a bit wider than the area you actually used. This way you will find anything that may have blew away from your camp that you were unaware of. Take whatever trash you have the campsite dumpster and you’re ready to head out.


Being considerate and respectful of nature is a very important factor in camping. By following these easy tips you will be camping clean on your next trip. You will feel better and the campers after you will also have a much more enjoyable trip.


Edward Schneider is an experienced camper and backpacker. Looking for great prices on quality camping gear? Check out the best reviewed camp supplies at great prices. Or find out more about camping and supplies that will make your next trip more enjoyable.

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Camping Setup Tips

Camping Setup Tips

After you arrive at your camping location, you need to find a good campsite. In general people want a good combination of features. As for me, I love camping where I can be out of other campers’ earshot. Others do not like dragging their gear miles into the forest. Below are some tips for camping setup that you can use to establish your campsite.

The first thing you’re going to want to look for is flat and high ground relative to your surroundings. Camping on an incline is obviously bad for many reasons. Running water, object rolling, and just all around uncomfortable. As for the higher ground you want to avoid water pooling. So on high flat ground should have water running generally away from you.


If you’re doing some back country camping is important to camp near a freshwater source. If you are near a freshwater source you won’t have to go far to refill your water, bathe, or fish. If you’re camping on a more established campground being near a freshwater source is usually not as important. But even when on a campground I find the sound of a running stream to be quite relaxing.


Be sure to set up your campfire an adequate space away from your tents. For setting up the fire ring make sure to clear all debris, brush, and twigs that can catch fire outside of the ring.


Setup a separate area for washing. Be sure to bring a biodegradable soap as other soaps may be harmful to plants or wildlife. Don’t use hot water either. This can also kill off plants. Once you finish with the wash water dispose of it either in a designated area or away from any freshwater source.


Make sure you have trash bags readily available for all members of your camp to use. Be sure they understand the importance of throwing any and all trash away.


When picking out a campsite be sure you have access to shade. Whether you want to set your tent up in the shade or the sun is your preference. But it is nice when the sun comes out and the temperature starts to climb to access to shade.


Your choice of campsites can make a big difference on how enjoyable your trip is. So spend a little time and be sure to pick out the good campsite. I think these camping setup tips will help ensure you pick a good one. Have fun and enjoy the outdoors!


Edward Schneider is an experienced camper and backpacker. Looking for great prices on quality camping gear? Check out the best reviewed camp supplies at great prices. Or find out more about camping and supplies that will make your next trip more enjoyable.

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